Shrine Renovation and Expansion

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

Basilica Renovation Campaign

Ten Year Expansion and Renovation Plan
2007 - 2016


“Through your gift, you will be

 forever linked to the legacy of our

Founders - and be remembered

daily in the prayers of the Barnabite Fathers.”

Photos of Groundbreaking and Construction

To Prepare the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima for the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima May 13 – October 13, 2017.

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine is preparing to undergo its most significant renovation and addition in over fifty years.  Both the Barnabite Fathers and the Fatima Shrine Advisory Board have collaborated with architects and engineers for the restoration and design of 7,400 sq.ft. of space.

Our Renovation Plans:  

  • Repairs to the Basilica dome and replacement of the sacristy are key components to restoring and enhancing the Basilica.  Therefore plans call for razing the sacristy and constructing a new more functional sacristy and adjoining gathering space.  The new 2,260 sq. ft. multi-purpose area adjacent to the new sacristy will include a reliquary gallery for displaying the Barnabite Fathers' historical collection of holy relics. 

  • Plans also include restoring both the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Immaculate Heart Chapel, which have incurred extensive water damage.  These chapels will then serve as votive candle rooms for the new chapels.

  • A new ambulatory space will provide a separation between the main domed Basilica and the exterior.  This space will also provide an area for visitors to experience the Basilica and the adjoining chapels without interrupting an ongoing service. 

  • The new ambulatory will also assist with controlling energy costs.  New entrance doors and the design of the ambulatory will provide a more efficient use of the heating and cooling system, thus producing a comfortable environment for worship during both the winter and summer.  The ambulatory will also contain lavatory facilities as well as other amenities.

  • Lastly, the proposed construction of a new 100-seat chapel. This chapel will provide us with the ability to celebrate multiple liturgies simultaneously to better serve the needs of our various pilgrim groups.


Dear Friend of Fatima


Dear Friend of Fatima:


Our Lady of Fatima Shrine has been able to meet the spiritual needs of millions of pilgrims and visitors for over fifty years. Although the Shrine has served us well during this time, like most aging buildings in Western New York the effects of time and weather have taken their toll on the Basilica.


Visitors from around the world are attracted to the shrine because of their devotion to the Catholic Faith and the Shrine’s natural beauty, art, communal prayer and renewal.  Many are also impacted each day by the healing ministry of the Barnabite Fathers. This is an exciting time in the history of the Shrine, and with your help we can continue to serve as an oasis of spiritual renewal for those in need.


Please consider how you can assist the Fathers in this once in a lifetime undertaking by considering a once in a lifetime gift or pledge for the continuation of our ministry and restoration of our beautiful Shrine and Basilica.


Your generous support and partnership in the campaign can be a very visible and permanent tribute to both the Shrine and your loved ones.  Please refer to the named gift opportunities and giving options in this brochure to learn how you can memorialize your family name or that of a loved one.  You may also phone the Shrine directly (716-754-7489) for more information.


Finally, we ask you to share in our journey and our dreams. Your decision to make an investment in the Shrine today will lay a solid foundation for the future and allow us to preserve and enhance the Shrine today and for years to come.





Rev. Julio M. Ciavaglia CRSP

Shrine Rector



We Need Your Pledge


Reaching our goal requires gifts of sacrifice rather than convenience and no one can give as much in one lump sum as could be given over a period of 60 months - except in unusual circumstances.  Therefore, for the success of our campaign we are asking all to “pledge” to the best of their financial ability.  This is the only way we can raise a large capital sum.  With God’s help and your generosity we will succeed.


Your pledge also provides an accounting of how you plan to contribute and this will help us properly anticipate the amount of funds available for our project over the next five years.


Ways to Give 

  • Make a sacrificial pledge to the best of your ability.  Pledge reminders will be mailed to you based on the payment plan you select.

  • Make a Memorial Gift as a beautiful expression of lasting remembrance.  Giving opportunities are listed in this brochure.

  • Give appreciated Stocks, Bonds or other negotiable instruments, which may provide you with additional federal income tax benefits.

Pledge Payment Guide











(5 Years)





(3 Years)





(5 Years)





(5 Years)





(3 Years)





(3 Years)





(3 Years)






Donor Recognition Levels


Heavenly Host Angels $25,000
Archangel $10,000
Cherubim $5,000
Seraphim $3,000
Friends of Our Lady $2,000
Angel of Fatima $1,000



Lasting Memorial


Memorial Gifts are a beautiful expression of lasting remembrance and will be available for designation as part of our Campaign.  For information on Lasting Memorial Opportunities, please contact the Shrine Office at (716) 754-7489. 

Named Gift Opportunities


New Immaculate Heart Chapel   



New Ambulatory                                          



Reliquary Gallery for Holy Relics                          



New Sacristy                                                   



Candle Room for New Chapel                       



New Landscaping     



New Narthex at Main Entrance                         

$100,000                                  (Committed)


New Confessionals (3)                                           

$50,000  (each)


Side Entrance Vestibule (2)                            

$50,000  (each)              


Niche for Holy Relics (8)                                             

$25,000  (each)                           (1 Committed)


Fatima Shrine Builder                                     

$15,000                                     (1 Committed)



$10,000                                     (2 Committed)


“As generous stewards

of Gods manifold grace,

Put your gifts

at the service of one another.”


                                    I Peter 4:8-10



Basilica of the National Shrine of

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

1023 Swann Road

P.O. Box 167

Youngstown, New York 14174



We will also replace the current dome motif with a new Stained Glass design.  The new design will take its inspiration from the Book of Revelation, the Story of Fatima and the Creation Story from the Book of Genesis.  The final phase will be to construct the 6Divine Mercy Reconciliation Chapel.